Junkies: John Wall for Kawhi Leonard? Wizards need a trade.

Chris Lingebach
April 30, 2018 - 5:56 pm

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

The Wizards exited yet another postseason Friday unfulfilled, eliminated on their home court by Toronto in six games.

An eighth seed being eliminated by the top team in its conference would be otherwise forgivable, if not for the Wizards dropping nine of their last 12 regular-season games to limp into the playoffs as that eighth seed.

In that context, their first-round exit was a failure. What's worse, they've regressed, from three second-round exits in the four years prior. The Wizards are going backwards and the front office has allowed itself no wiggle room with the salary cap to make drastic, needed improvements. Any drastic improvements outside of... trading one of its stars.

Which brings us to The Sports Junkies' Monday morning conversation, in which they hypothesized if the Wizards could pull off a trade for Spurs star Kawhi Leonard, who's reportedly on the block.

Bish: Who you trading Beal to?

JP: Well, I don't know if I'm trading Beal or Wall. I'm all in for Kawhi Leonard, who's on the trade market. Kawhi Leonard, two years left on his deal, makes $20 million next year, $21 million the following year. John Wall next year makes $19 million, so there's a $1 million difference. I don't know how all the salary cap stuff works, but I'm willing to move John Wall if it will land me Kawhi. Now my building blocks are Kawhi and Bradley Beal and you have to go out and get a point guard.

Bish: Can you rely on Kawhi? He'll get a sprained toe and...

Cakes: The Spurs wanted him to play. He was cleared to play. Didn't play for whatever reason!

EB: That would be a blockbuster. That would be a massive blockbuster!

JP: But (Kawhi's) a better player. He's a better player and he plays defense, which is another thing which they don't do. I just would do whatever it takes to get Kawhi.

Bish: Hold on. Can you guarantee that Kawhi's gonna sign a long-term after his contract's up?

JP: I don't know. He's got two years left on his deal.

Cakes: Plus, Wall's super-max kicks after next season, and his salary jumps from like $19 or $20 million to I think $37 million.

JP went on to clarify he would also move Beal for Leonard, if it were an option.

"Our singular goal in everything we do is to win a championship. You deserve it. Our city deserves it," Ted Leonsis wrote to fans on Saturday. "It remains our first and only priority and I think our team showed this year that we have the pieces to make it happen."

"We didn't reach our goal this year, which was to do better than last year," he went on to write.

Wait, what?

Didn't you just finish saying your singular goal in everything is to win a championship?

Never mind. Burn it all down.

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